It sites about 600km south east away from Yangon, and about 300km east away from the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. It is the region capital of Tanintharyi region.
During the British colonial era, it’s called Tavoy, and sometimes it’s still called by this name.
It holds tourist spot such as beautiful beach, hot spring, pagodas, museum and the terminal station of Tanintharyi line (lower Myanmar Railway).
What’s more, recently it gathers attention holding Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ).


Yangon to Dawei
Flight about 1Hr
Bus about 12Hrs
Airport to city center
Motor Bike or Car about 8min.

Hotel (urban area)
7 about 50 US dollars/night

-Maungmagan Beach
It’s a beautiful beach in Tanintharyi Region. During the British colonial era, it was popular among the British to relax and drink tea there. It’s only 16km away from Dawei, so you may go there by Taxi or Rental Motor Bike. These days, it becomes a leisure beach for local people.

Dawei Museum
You may learn the history and culture of Dawei here.
Admission fee: 5,000Kyats/foreigner (at Dec., 2017)

Local products here are traditional Dawei Longyi, dried fishes, cheek woods, Cashew nus, Bebel nuts. You may also enjoy reasonable tropical fruits such as pine apple, mango, durian, etc.